• Rei da Praia

    Game Project

    This project was made with 2 friends for the 2nd SEBRAE Game Development Contest.

  • Bullets are Fatal

    Game Project

    This project was made with 3 friends in a 72 hour jam for the 28th Ludum Dare.

  • Music Maker


    A simple music generator based on third party code.

  • OfficeTopia

    Game Project

    This project was made with 2 friends for the 1st SEBRAE Game Development Contest.

  • Kinect in Virtual Environments

    M.Sc. Dissertation

    This work proposes and studies several navigation and selection techniques in virtual environments using Microsoft Kinect®

  • MUASSim

    Graduation Final Project

    Multi-User and Agent Soccer Simulator. In this work we study how to simulate a cooperative game involving decisions made by several humans and computer agents.

  • Rock Valley

    GameAI College Project

    We developed this project for a class called GameAI at PUC-Rio under the tutoring of Bruno Feijó. Our main goal was to develop a pathfinding algorithm using waypoints in Unity3D.

  • Space

    Study Project

    Space was just a project made to study Unity 3D.

  • Equirectangular Viewer

    Foundations of CG College Project

    This project was developed to create a panoramical equirectangular image viewer.

  • EPSG

    CG2 College Project

    Eduardo & Peter Scene Graph. This was a college project to develop a Scene Graph, which we developed in C++ with Lua extension.


    Personal Project

    Dungeons & Dragons Online Ultimate Item Compendium. A comprehensive search for items from the MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online using Lua.


    Personal Project

    Dungeons & Dragons Online Character Planner. A resource for planning several aspects of a character for the MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online. The project has been abandoned incomplete

Long story short

My name is Peter Furtado Dam, born in 1985 in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I hold a master's degree in computer graphics from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), having graduated in Information Systems at the same university. I'm a huge enthusiast of game development, although having developed only personal projects in the area. I currently work as a Systems Analyst at Tecgraf.